Code and Save Lives in Google Summer of Code program

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Are you studying programming and want to put your knowledge into practice while doing something important for the global community? Are you wondering what the world of programmers looks like “from the inside”? Or maybe … you have no idea for a vacation, but you want to spend it in an interesting and inspiring way?

Whatever your motivation, you have to admit that the vision of Google sponsored paid development practices in the biggest Open Source projects sounds encouraging. Do you want to join? Hurry up – signups only open until April 13!

But what exactly is it about? We already explain: o the global, annual Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program. This is a project by Google, which since 2005 has been helping students to gain experience in the international development community and supporting the development of Open Source software – the so-called Open Software that each user can freely modify and adapt to their individual needs. During summer internships, students carry out various projects for Open Source and receive a scholarship for it – as much as 5,000 dollars for about 175 hours of work! According to the data, over 16,000 young programmers have successfully completed the program over 16 years of its duration. Together, they took part in over 715 Open Source projects and wrote over 38 million lines of code. Impressive, isn’t it?

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However, the Google Summer of Code program would not have existed without the mentoring organizations involved. They evaluate and select projects submitted by students from all over the world. Then, during the program, they guide the students, helping them to implement their projects. If you want to qualify for a project, you must choose one of these Open Source organizations and decide on one of the projects they offer. In this year’s edition, you can choose from 202 such organizations!

Open Medical Record System in GSOC

One of them is OpenMRS. It is an Open Source initiative that deals with the development of medical software for hospitals and clinics from developing countries, including Africa and Asia. OpenMRS brings together volunteers from all over the world under a simple – but how evocative! – the slogan: “Write code. Save Lives. ” OpenMRS is one of the most important partners of our SolDevelo Social Impact Foundation, created to use technical knowledge to change the world for the better. Since 2018, we have been combining the IT industry with marketing, public relations and community building. Open Source medical projects are particularly close to us, which is why we strongly support the ideas spread by OpenMRS and we are happy when the necessary help can reach new areas and people in need around the world. It is fantastic when the digital work of volunteers positively influences the work of thousands of doctors, nurses and the functioning of entire hospitals in remote corners of the world. Can you imagine any more satisfying activities than those that have a real impact on the life and health of people in the real world?

For this reason, at the SolDevelo Foundation, we promote the idea of ​​Open Source and share our knowledge with everyone who needs it: we prepare educational materials for organizations, participate in events and create software that we make available for free. In 2020, we also conducted the first edition of our #OMRS2020 Internships pilot program – a remote internship in OpenMRS structures. The choice of OMRS was not accidental: this way we wanted to promote the idea of ​​volunteering in Open Source projects among programmers, IT students and other people who want to develop their programming skills. We truly believe that code can do a lot of good for the global community!

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If you also want to improve your programming and code skills, and at the same time make your contribution to a great project that changes the lives of many people around the world – sign up for Google Summer of Code 2021 and choose OpenMRS as your mentoring organization. Visit the Summer of Code with Google website for details of the program and application process. And if you still have doubts and want to talk to someone who knows the inside out – write to [email protected]. We are happy to answer your questions! If you want to know more, you can also visit the posts that we have prepared about the GSOC program.

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