Add-on for Jira: Worklogs. The Must-Have Tool

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Atlassian Marketplace offers dozens of add-ons for Jira, the choice is really huge if somebody looks for additional functionalities for Atlassian products. But it’s even bigger in Worklogs plugins. Unfortunately, basic Jira doesn’t have any tool or type of client support to track time and generate reports of working hours. Happily, vendors are filling up this gap by offering their products – plugins. Some of them are free, but most cost just a few dollars.

If you’re a non-profit or open-source organization, you can apply for Community Licence or Open-Source Cloud Subscription which give you Atlassian products for free (cloud is free for open-source, but for non-profit it’s discounted 75%)

If you already have these, you can download every Marketplace add-on for free. How to do that you can learn in that article:

Atlassian App Discount Program

From many Worklogs plugins, we chose Worklogs – Time Tracking and Reports by SolDevelo, as it’s the easiest, has only necessary options. In that add-on, you can track the time of each of the members of your team, for each of the projects and easily generate reports including different saved options. You don’t need anything more

Time reports and time tracking

The main goal of that add-on is to track time and generate reports for you, members of your team or the whole organization. You can filter people, projects, days, months or categories just to find the data that you are looking for.

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Quickly generate reports from the view. Filter, categorize and display only what you have to see. See the data in Jira or download it as an Excel chart. That is so easy that you can’t miss it.

Try the demo version now or download from Atlassian with a 30-days free trial.

Why it is so helpful?

Using Worklogs you can register hours spent on Jira tasks, track and report time devoted to project issues. All that is to make data-driven decisions faster than ever before. Analyse data and find tasks that take too much time or are not enough effective for the time that they have taken. Also, you can set the accesses permissions that suit you best.
Select users or groups that can use and see Worklogs of themselves or others.

If you don’t know how to use Jira Worklogs, use these guides:

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