How to apply to Google Summer of Code?


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Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on introducing students to open-source software development. The program lasts 10 weeks (18 hours per week) while students work on programming projects with an open-source organization. Projects cover a wide range of fields including Cloud, Operating Systems, Graphics, Medicine, Programming Languages, Robotics, Science, Security and many more. This is not an internship but provides an invaluable experience and allows you to be part of an amazing community!

GSoC since its inception in 2005 has brought together more than 16 000 students and 13 000 mentors from over 118 countries from the whole world. During that time, it has produced 38 000 000 lines of code for 715 open-source organizations.

Google Summer of Code gives every student a stipend in two parts – after the first and second evaluation. Stipend amounts are determined by home location, for Polish residents, it’s 1500$ (about 5700 PLN). 

SolDevelo Foundation as OpenMRS’ partner helps organize the program, introduce students and support them during the work on projects. In 2018 only 3 students from Poland took part in the program so our goal is to increase that number. We encourage everybody to register and try their skills in real organizations on real projects.

What you have to do to take part in Google Summer of Code?

  1. You have to be at least 18 years old at the time of registration
  2. You have to be enrolled or accepted into a post-secondary academic program (including – but not limited to: colleges, universities, master programs, PhD programs, undergraduate programs, licensed coding schools) as of the GSoC Student Acceptance Day – 17th May 2021. Or graduating from the post-secondary program between 1st December 2020 and 17th May 2021.
  3. You must be eligible to work in the country of your residence during the duration of the program
  4. Your residence country can’t be  currently embargoed by the USA
  5. Find an organization that answers your hobbies, preferences and interests (we truly encourage you to work with OpenMRS as it has a great and helpful community and they’re creating tools that are actually working in several countries)
  6. Contact the organization
  7. Find a project which will suit you the best
  8. Write a proposal (or proposals)
  9. Start coding!
  10. Get a stipend from Google

The application period opens on March 29, 2021, and ends on April 13, 2021. It’s a highly competitive program (and this year is expected to be even bigger than last year), so don’t wait until the last minute to prepare!

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