Marketing-as-a-Service: Do you need it and why?


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You’ve probably heard about SaaS, PaaS or IaaS. But how about MaaS? Does it ring any bells? If not, it’s high time you updated your information. Marketing-as-a-Service is a trendy solution for those interested in efficient marketing development. Find out what it includes, how it is different from marketing agencies services and what makes it attractive to business owners.

Marketing-as-a-Service: what is it?

MaaS is an on-demand managed marketing service. MaaS teams are built of people specializing in different elements of marketing, so that together they can provide complex service and answer client’s individual needs. 

MaaS vs Marketing Agency Services

These two types of services can be easily confused if someone is new to the topic. However, there are a few essential characteristics that set them apart from each other.

Range of expertise

Marketing agencies are often specialized in a specific aspect of marketing, i.e. social media. They can provide a high-quality service in the range of their expertise, but will not take care of your other marketing needs, as it is outside of their set of skills. On the other hand, Marketing-as-a-Service teams are built in such a way that all fields of marketing expertise are covered. Such teams are more flexible and can easily adjust to your needs.

Filling the gaps

Marketing agencies usually provide a complex service in a chosen field. They have their fixed scope of work and people who deal with each part of it. Compared to that, MaaS teams are more agile and adjustable. Their goal is to fill the gaps of your in-house marketing team and provide only the services that you need help with. Such a solution can increase your efficiency, because it gives your in-house marketing team space to focus on the things that they know and are good at, while the MaaS team deals with your other marketing needs. Moreover, the tight cooperation between your marketing team and the outside MaaS team can result in the increase of knowledge, skills and experience of your in-house employees, as they will work alongside marketing professionals and observe their methods of solving problems and achieving goals.


MaaS is considered one of the most affordable marketing solutions. The reason for this is the fact that with MaaS you only pay for what you truly need. Unlike with marketing agencies, where you usually buy a fixed package of services (often quite pricey), MaaS gives you a freedom of selective approach. If your in-house marketing team already possesses a certain set of skills and knowledge, the MaaS team will take care of other aspects and charge you only for that.


Being more agile and aiming at adjustability, MaaS teams are usually very well-informed about the latest trends and solutions. They’re keeping up with the quickly changing marketing landscape and can provide you with fresh perspectives. Compared to that, marketing agencies teams can sometimes stay behind. Their model of work is different, more fixed and based on a certain scheme. It’s harder for them to undergo quick and rapid changes.


Along with trends goes technology. Many marketing agencies are using tools that they already know and trust. It’s a good solution, but it can be sometimes limiting, as it stops them from trying new technologies. MaaS teams are always on track with the technological news and can quickly apply new tools, giving you access to new possibilities.

Who is MaaS dedicated to?

Marketing-as-a-Service is a great solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It offers high-quality, wide-ranged marketing services in a flexible and affordable form. 

MaaS can also be useful to big companies. Its flexibility makes it applicable to specific projects and purposes, i.e. you can use MaaS when launching a new product to provide your in-house team with additional support.

Is MaaS the future of marketing?

With its various benefits, Marketing-as-a-Service is quickly becoming the leading solution for business owners who want to effectively and efficiently build or enhance their marketing strategy. Many people still don’t know what exactly MaaS is and what its strong points are. However, the map of customer demands is changing rapidly and those who cannot keep up and provide individualized marketing solutions, will stay behind.

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