Most helpful Atlassian tools for non-profit organizations


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We continue our journey on Atlassian Marketplace.

In previous articles, we wrote about the main Atlassian products, the best Jira Plugins, and Atlassian products that can help remote teams with work. And finally, we want to introduce to you the most helpful Atlassian tools for non-profit organizations.

What challenges do NGOs have to face?

Non-profit organizations are often institutions that need a lot of human resources to make everything go smoothly. Unfortunately, even if their community numbers hundreds of people they mostly suffer from the lack of engagement

It’s hard to keep people engaged on a high level because they often contribute to NGOs after their work hours. For this reason, they don’t have much time to be as effective in non-profit actions as they would like to. But with the proper tools, it isn’t impossible to increase people’s effectiveness in a short period of time. 

Another obstacle that can stop NGOs is the management of the contribution of people all over the world. It’s important to be global at your actions and to gather varied people with varied experiences. But managing people remotely can also cause some problems with communication, organizing projects, and tracking progress. To avoid that, it may be needed to provide your organization with helpful tools.

From the definition of “non-profit”, it’s clear that these institutions live by funding and grants from sponsors. Most non-profits end up getting less funding than they want or need, while some are left with no funding at all. It’s a real problem, but to start using professional tools money is not always necessary, because a lot of them are free or with big discounts for NGOs or open-source projects.

Based on the goals, there are many differences between non-profits and commercial companies. Nevertheless, both have to pay attention to the business aspect. Even if you’re running a non-profit organization, you have to remember that this is still a business.

To keep social impact goals and business objectives at the same level, you should use the right tools. This can help make people and processes more agile and adaptable to meet upcoming circumstances.

Of course, we can’t mention every challenge, because there are way more of them, and some of them may be deeper and require specific undertakings. But we’ve created this article with the combination of Atlassian tools that can solve some of NGOs’ problems

Which tools can be the most helpful?

Starting from the beginning with the engagement we can try to improve it by keeping people updated with non-profits actions. We can include in it collaborations on ideas together, make progress visible and trackable. 

To do all that Jira Software may be especially useful. It can help organize work and track the progress of each task. Combined with Confluence, Jira Work Management, and Slack it may provide a pack of professional tools that are needed. 

On Confluence it’s possible to gather all information in one place. It can be grouped by themes, so it would be easy for the users to find what they are looking for and navigate through this intuitive platform. 

Jira Work Management solves the problem of the business side of the organization. In this place business projects may be created. Besides that, you can manage tasks, track all details and measure the effectiveness of the team. 

On Slack, you can message anyone from your organization and keep in touch with them via shared channels or direct messages. It’s very helpful on a daily workday.

But what about the “no funding” aspect?

So, for non-profit organizations, a big advantage is Jira Software. Combined with Jira Plugins it provides professional apps like Worklogs or Multiple Checklists for Jira. But what is the greatest, some of these plugins are free, promoted, or with a big discount because Atlassian strongly supports open-source organizations and non-profits.

Atlassian App Discount Program

The Atlassian Marketplace offers a wide range of discounts to customers. To get details you can look here and find out how you can get a customer’s discount and on what terms.

What Plugins are the best for non-profits?

The combination of useful and helpful Jira Plugins we have discussed in one of the previous articles. We grouped them by their characteristics. You can find it here and see which will be the most suitable for you. 

Want to know more?

If you feel like there’s more to talk about on this topic let us know! We’ll be happy to prepare more articles to answer all of your questions. 




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