It’s half of Internship #OMRS 2020!


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Hey, probably you’re wondering how our internship goes. So it goes very well, our interns do the tasks, they have sent first pull request to other developers to check their code and publish their first posts on the OpenMRS’ talk.
We’re very proud of them cause it’s easy to see that some of them really engage in the project and work and are active more often than others! Even we heard some warm and supporting words from other members of the community.
The interest in how they can help us and after the internships will end they want to hear some feedback from our participants. We’ll love to hear that too.

It’s half of our #OMRS Internship 2020!

The participants of our internship continue to operate on the OpenMRS platform, which we are very happy about. However, we are hearing that the available tasks are not the easiest and simplest. OpenMRS as an open-source organization that has been active for over 10 years, with many implementations, products, and “plug-ins”, has rich documentation.
Getting to know it significantly extends the time needed for the task. Unfortunately, we are not able to jump over this but to make life a little easier for our interns, we have engaged a mentor from the OpenMRS community in our project who will help and support the participants. The mentor has dealt with programs such as Google Summer of Code and Google Summer of Docs before.
We believe that thanks to this, participants will be able to perform more tasks and solve problems much faster.

There are still 2 months of struggle ahead of our participants to finally get the dev2 level and the coveted prize.
We keep our fingers crossed! You still can track their work at site!

#OMRS Internship is starting

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