#OMRS2020 Internship: The professional programmer’s life

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Our Internship is a new way of implementing beginners into a professional programmer’s life.

About the OpenMRS

OpenMRS (Medical Record System) is an open-source software made to support healthcare in low and middle-income countries. This initiative has also a huge global community that accumulated over 500 thousands of great programming volunteers all over the world! This worldwide network is still working to be the largest and the most flexible technology platform supporting clinical care in the most challenging areas in the world. 

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OpenMRS is focusing on a patient’s care by improving healthcare services delivery. The most important purposes in creating this solution are to make the software common, user-friendly, and first of all, should ease the work of the healthcare providers. 

All these started from a single clinic in Kenya that needed to fix problems with their database system. After that, in a really fast way, OpenMRS’s community has spread for other regions. Now they’re supporting local health facilities and fixing the most critical issues in their systems.  

For today, OpenMRS has a huge contribution to other, often commercial, projects. Clients use this software to coordinate communication between two, or more subjects, eg. a health facility and an insurer, who enrols a patient. 

The OpenMRS community is a diverse environment made of students, academics, professional software developers, and health care workers. This open-source initiative is also adapted to be used both in research and clinical settings.

SolDevelo cooperates with OpenMRS for many years. We have released several successful common projects which you will find on our blog: 


How SolDevelo helps during the COVID-19 outbreak

OpenIMIS – Insurance Claim Module – better access to patients’ insurance information

About the Program

#OMRS2020Internships is a program dedicated to all polish citizens over the age of 18. This contest is adequate for everyone who made the first steps in programming but also for everyone who has got commercial experience. 

The main goal of the program is to give an opportunity to young people who like to develop and improve their programming skills. We know how important it is to gather worldwide experience which is often later a ticket to better work. We hope that during these 3 months participants learn new things, upgrade their skills and develop new interests and what’s more important- will have fun. 

Program is created to give both sides the opportunity to grow up. Open-source programs are the future and some people in IT are starting to notice it. Bigger corporations and organizations invest a lot of money and time to develop this area of software development. And it’s a great time to get interested in this topic. It may occur that in some year it will be the most popular type of programming. 

The internship is open for everybody who wants to try their skills in an open-source project. One main rule is a person can’t a member of the OpenMRS community ever before. We give some time to get familiar with the platform. You get the most important documents which are necessary to start working with OpenMRS.

The project starts with 1st day of July. For this time developers will have 3 months to get badges and do some tasks to earn the developer 2 level. At every step of the Internship, you can ask the community for help and discuss with different people solutions to problems. Don’t worry, it’s one of the most friendly community.

When and where to register

The program starts with 1st of July and will be until September 30th. In this week we also upload a register form (link to it will be in this article) which will be open up to 21st of June. Then we sent to all participants an e-mail with instructions and most important links which they should read before the Internship start. Remember that before 1st July you can’t be a member of the OpenMRS community. You can find interesting projects and tasks but you can’t start doing them. As it will be breaking the rules of our programme. 

Oh, and for the best participants, we have cash prizes so it’s worth it. 

Stay focus and track our page for more information

#OMRS Internship is starting

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