Atlassian Team ‘22: We’re among the finalists!

atlassian team '22

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Atlassian Team ‘22 is an event created by Atlassian and dedicated to empowering various teams across the globe, by sharing their experiences, exchanging their knowledge and inspiring each other. We are proud to say that SolDevelo Foundation was chosen as one of the finalists in the Non-Technical category in Atlassian Team Awards 2022. We are honored and grateful for appreciating our work as a team!

Atlassian Team ‘22

Atlassian Team ‘22 is a big event full of interesting experiences prepared for the participants from all over the world.

And it’s all about teams!

Keynote speeches, workshops, training – there are plenty of activities and topics to choose from. Main themes, so-called tracks, that you can explore during this event are:

Agile & DevOps

Dedicated to Project and Program Managers, IT Ops, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches, Engineers, Developers, and more. Find out how to use agility in order to meet changing needs of your clients.


Made for Admins, System Admins, Engineers, Developers, IT leaders, and more. All about renovating IT and Dev processes to provide great products quickly.

Teamwork Culture

Dedicated to CIOs, CTOs, and Enterprise IT leaders who aim at cross-functional teamwork across the organization. Learn how to enable Open work to make better business decisions and a more empowered workforce to do their best work.

Open Work Management

Made for Project and Program Managers, Analysts, and Business Consultants. It will teach you how to connect knowledge and resources between software and business teams, and collaborate on a shared mission.

Each one of these topics will be discussed in various sessions designed especially to meet the needs of different teams and organizations. During Atlassian Team ‘22 everyone is sure to find something interesting for them!

Specific speeches can be browsed in this catalog and filtered according to participants’ needs.

During the event you can take part in interesting courses, where Atlassian’s specialists will guide you and teach you the arcana of their products. Managing Jira Projects, Atlassian Incident Management Essentials PM, Planning with Advanced Roadmaps, Atlassian DevOps Essentials, and more! Check the full list of available courses here.

How to participate?

Atlassian Team ‘22 takes place starting from April 5 (digitally from April 6), 2022.

In order to increase accessibility to the event, Atlassian offers three different ways of participation. The main thing takes place in Las Vegas, where you can enjoy it in-person. If you can not attend it there, there is also an option of Global Viewing Party in various locations around the world, where you can join and watch the event online with other members of the Atlassian community. The third way to take part in the event is called Digital Experience and allows you to enjoy the online stream remotely.

Atlassian Team ‘22 is much more than a simple event, it is an exciting celebration of teamwork and an opportunity to connect with teams from around the world, a chance to learn, to get inspired and to be an inspiration to others.

If you are willing to join, check the details here.

Atlassian Team Awards ‘22

Atlassian Team ‘22

This special event is all about working in teams, so it is also a great opportunity to appreciate particular teams that are doing a great job and using Atlassian tools in a creative, innovative and inspiring way. 

Therefore, for the 3rd time in history Atlassian has organized a competition for the best teams in their own class. There were three categories in which you could apply:

Team of the Year

This award is given to the team that best demonstrates the ability to break down silos, build a culture of innovation, and unleash its full potential.

Best in Class (Technical)

This award recognizes a software and IT team that has found unique ways to use Atlassian tools to improve their teamwork and collaboration.

Best in Class (Non-Technical)

This award recognizes a non-technical team (such as HR, marketing, legal, or sales) that uses Atlassian tools in innovative ways. 

We, as a team members of SolDevelo Foundation, have successfully submitted our answers, applying in a Non-Technical category. We did not win the grand prize, but our effort was still appreciated. Along with two other organizations, Brighttail and Humanitix, SolDevelo Foundation was granted the title of finalist! Congratulations to all of the finalists!

Here is an excerpt from our submission, where we explain the team culture of SolDevelo Foundation:

SolDevelo Foundation is a small team of passionate individuals who try to make the world a better place through technology. We collaborate with open-source organizations to help people in need. We put our hearts and souls into every blog post to make sure that we spread only valuable knowledge. Through our social media channels we hope to share positive messages and communicate with other organizations. We believe that people can achieve great things when they come together. That is why we learn from each other every single day, and we share this knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen.

It is especially valuable for our team to be appreciated this way. We are working remotely and each one of us lives in a different town. While using Atlassian’s products, we can stay connected. Jira and Jira Plugins are what keeps us focused and united. Thanks to this software we can be well-organized, efficient and never lose our goals from sight. 

We will continue to put an effort into our work, in order to make this world a better place for everyone. Wish us luck!


Atlassian Team ‘22
Celebrating our 2022 Team Awards finalists

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