How to Handle a Remote Project? Tips From Us

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 Well, since the pandemic spread around the world nothing is like before. We had to adapt quickly to so many things. Some go well, others don’t. But hey, that’s life. Once you are upon and in the next second you are under. Since I work in the Foundation alone some project is harder to handle for me, but one more time that’s life. It wasn’t bad (even I thought it was) when life was normal and I go to the office, meet my colleagues, eat lunch with them and then go back home to my lovely dog. When I looked at those times I missed them and I want so much to get back to the office and university. But everything has changed and now life looks different than almost one year ago. 

So, what is the hardest thing to handle for me during COVID times? I think that generally successful projects. In Poland national lockdown started about March and that was a time when everybody moved to their homes and sit there waiting for the end of this epidemy. We knew that virus magically won’t go out buuut we believe in our hearts that in a few months everything will back to normal. But that didn’t happen. So I had to manage how I can prepare myself and my temporary team to work remotely and bring the project to success. 

I’ve read many articles, watched dozens of videos and got great tips. The truth is nothing helps me more than old, good routine. Really. Normally I organize my duties on a routine cycle but every other thing is temporary because I need changes so much. (maybe because I’m a Millenials :D) My life looks a little messy but I find a key in it and that works for me. When everything has changed 180 degrees I’ve lost my key to success and lost my homeostasis at every field of my life!

I had needed to reorganize my life one more time. I started from daily duties like doing staff for university, go for a walk with the dog, start working on the foundation and take the rest at the end of the day. This small plan for days gave me able to plan other things during the day and week. And that works. I started from small things, to bigger and bigger to almost come back to my routine before the pandemic. When I was feeling safe and stable I was able to add one more thing to my routine like exercises. That was also a time when I was thinking too much about everything. I’ve just gone into it deeper and those thoughts weren’t positive so it makes me feel sadder. 

The things I would advise you

  • Organize a whole day for yourself. Even if you stay at home all day try to organize duties like cleaning, cooking or find a new hobby. (For example, I’ve started doing bracelet for my friends. It really calms me down and does the perfect one takes a lot of time and my attention.)
  • Start planning from a few things per day. With time you can add more or change it for some more interesting. 
  • Sleep well. If you can’t sleep at night try meditation, drinks tea for good sleep or even some natural medications (herbs) like lemon balm.
  • At the end of the day do something for yourself. Take a long, hot bath, put on the mask on your body, read a book or watch favourite movies. 
  • Carpe diem. Remember that everything has to end someday and even after bad things come good ones. Don’t think about the pandemic and how things are bad right now. 
  • Live right now. If you need, create a world where everything is okay, the world is beautiful and you live a happy life. Go back there if you need it or have a panic attack

What about managing a project?

Just to remember: epidemy in Poland starts in March, till the holiday everything was closed, and people were terrified. Our project – #OMRS2020 Internships started 1st July. I had a few months to get back into work and be mentally prepared for hard work and a lot of stress. How things went in the first days of the project I described in another post. Now I’ll focus on months and days before.

After I have organized “my life” and basic things I could move to the project. It was even more difficult because it was my first project ever! However, I think that my bosses know that I’ll handle that topic and organize everything. Despite I’m Millenials, I like writing on a paper so one more time I prepared a “paper plan”. I started from big things like “what is the aim of the internship” and then goes to smaller things like “what we need to start the project” and “what are necessary things to publish information about the internship”. On that base, I could build more exact tasks like “write statue” or “prepare graphics”. Going from bigger to smaller allows me to not miss something important. I know exactly how it should look like so I only add things which are important to achieve it. 

Such framed plan shows me I have control over those things, so if I do everything I can I will be able to succeed. That was also important to gather some confidence and trust in yourself. I had a team which supported me all the time and gave me advice but all the responsibility was on me. So feeling good in that job was one of the most important things.

So what is the recipe to handle a remote project? Start from good organizations of your life and then clone it into your task. By doing small steps, you will make a big improvement and achieve a goal.

If you need more articles like that this one is a good one:

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