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A good companionship is always based on trust. Whether you are going on an adventure together or creating a relationship between a company and a client, trust is essential. It makes things work. During adventure, it lets people rely on each other. In the case of cloud services it guides you towards the best and safest solutions

That is why it makes us so proud to say that two of SolDevelo apps have received the Cloud Fortified badge on the Atlassian Marketplace. It means this one essential thing – trust. 

It is a very important recognition for all cloud services providers. This badge is a sign of dedication to the best industry standards for privacy and security. It also serves as a great confirmation that our ongoing efforts towards safety, reliability and great support are widely appreciated and do not go in vain.

But what does it actually mean to be Cloud Fortified? Here is a quick overview of the program and its requirements:

Atlassian Cloud Fortified: Addressing Safety and Trust Concerns

Cloud Fortified badge serves to identify the most trusted and recommended cloud apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. With over 5,300 apps available there the need to be able to trust the Atlassian products as secure and reliable is more important than ever before. And let’s face it: it does not refer only to one or two products you as a customer choose – it is about the whole ecosystem of products. When you install any Atlassian app, you automatically unlock a whole universe of tools. All of this, naturally, is to help teams work more smoothly together. This is especially true for the largest enterprise customers with more business-critical operating requirements. To them, security and compliance are of the highest importance – without compromising on performance and quality.

Trust and security offered by Cloud Fortified apps are surely beneficial to all customers. The products that have achieved the Cloud Fortified status have been approved and certified by Atlassian. They have gone far beyond the general standards to deliver an exceptionally secure and reliable cloud experience. 

The Program Requirements

Having said all that, it is important to remember that not all cloud apps on the Atlassian Marketplace are Cloud Fortified. You can recognise the ones that have undergone the rigorous approval criteria thanks to the Cloud Fortified badge on their listing page and the App tile. Additionally, there is a dedicated app section and a filter on the Atlassian Marketplace website’s homepage for the Cloud Fortified apps.

But let’s cut to the chase!

Here are three major aspects that are examined in the process of granting a Cloud Fortified badges: 


Our commitment

It is evident that the cloud is the future – no one would dare to question this fact. Atlassian has always emphasized that the safety of its users and their data is the priority. For that reason they introduced the Cloud Fortified program. All of this in order to help customers easily identify the outstanding apps with advanced security practices. The Cloud Fortified apps are reliable, secure and they meet the needs of all Atlassian Cloud customers.

We are very happy to be Cloud Fortified by Atlassian! For us, it means that we are recognised for the ongoing security efforts we are making. But don’t worry – our work doesn’t stop here. We will continue to improve our customers’ experience in all aspects. You have our word!

SolDevelo apps that are Cloud Fortified:

Worklogs: Time Tracking and Reports


This app will allow you easy and flexible time tracking of your team members for different projects. It will help you track the time spent by the members of your team in a given period. Thanks to it, you can group data by days, weeks, months or years, categorize entries by projects and use several filtering options.


Find out more about Worklogs in our blog post!

Multiple Checklists for Jira


A useful tool designed to help in organizing work on a particular task. Checklists are an alternative to subtasks that are not always suitable to use. Checklists are a convenient way to handle Acceptance Criteria or a Definition of Done.


For further information on Multiple Checklists check out this post!

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