Jira Plugins: How to start & What to choose?

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How does Atlassian support open-source and non-profit organizations we wrote in previous articles. In these posts you’ll find answers on how to set up an account, are there any discounts for non-profits and open sources and how to achieve more using Atlassian products, especially Jira Plugins.

We tried to gather all the necessary knowledge and data, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate and ask us 🙂

Atlassian App Discount Program

Jira is one of Atlassian’s products to organize the work, create and track tasks and progress. It’s really helpful when you’re an Agile Team, you’re working on a product, in a team or just want to have a tool that helps you organize to-do’s and focus on the most needed. From Backlog you choose tasks for the next Sprint which goes to a wall (e.g Kanban wall) – that’s the space for the issues which you are working on in the current Sprint. You know how many tickets are ended and what needs to be done yet. So you have a general view of the situation and how the progress looks.

Jira is even a more great tool because you can develop it as you want. Increase its power with plugins from Atlassian’s Marketplace. Do you want to track the hours and time logs of your employees? No problem or do you need something like checklists to rewrite the big task into very little pieces? Plugins can do that too. There is an enormous number of additional plugins that you can download and use them. Some of them are for free!

Helpful plugins for Jira

In Marketplace you can choose plugins from these categories, which is actually a lot of. There is also a filter to find the free ones.

One of the most helpful free plugins can be:

Rather than paying for a plugin find out if there is a free version of it or something similar that fulfil your requirements. In Marketplace are hundreds of plugins so there is a high chance that you’ll find something interesting.

But what to do if I want that plugin but it cost? We wrote about it in the previous article. Open sources with Open-Source Atlassian licenses have free access to every Marketplace app. It comes from their free of charge licence that allows them uses all of the rest of Atlassian products for free. The same is with the non-profit organizations with Atlassian Community License, depending on what type of service they use they can get plugins for free or with a 75% discount.

Some vendors also offer their products for free for all non-profit organizations (even they have a discount) for their products. SolDevelo is the author of several Atlassian Marketplace plugins for Jira. It’s a

All of them you can get for free if you are a non-profit organization and you can prove that to us. As the owner of the plugins, SolDevelo can give u a discount code making the addons free. If you want some of them just write to us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you!

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