How long does it take to implement an EMR system?


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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems are allowing healthcare providers to keep medical records of their patients in a digital form, and access them easily anytime they need. There is a wide range of services providing EMR to their clients. However, a long waiting time to implement such a system, and the amount of bugs that appear along the way are the problems that for many people are making it hard to efficiently use EMR. In this short article we will explain how long it takes to implement an EMR system and how to deal with the occurring bug problem.

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Why is a properly functioning EMR so important?

EMR systems, such as OpenMRS, are made to help both healthcare workers and their patients. If a system is lagging or does not work properly, it makes physicians’ job even more complicated. Bugged system will generate more problems than solutions. That is why a funcional EMR is essential.

Digitizing patients’ medical records is a way to facilitate workflow inside of a clinic. The time saved on recording patients’ data on paper and searching through it, can be used on helping more people. EMR can also increase the quality of healthcare provided. When the medical records are gathered in one place and quickly accessible, it is easier to accurately diagnose patients and plan more integral and effective treatments.

Time is one of the most important factors in the process of rescuing people’s lives. It should be cherished and not wasted on struggling with the system.

How long does it take to implement an EMR system?

It all depends on the method of implementation. If a user chooses to do it by themselves it can take months. Setting up the server room and configuring the server alone are time-consuming and skill-demanding tasks. They require not only knowledge, but also a lot of space and resources.

A great alternative to self-implementation is using a service of a cloud hosting provider, such as EMRSCloud. We offer our own server that is configured and prepared to suit the client’s needs. We can also take care of the implementation and maintenance of the EMR system, which is in that case OpenMRS. 

EMRSCloud provides the clients with the help of specialists that are experienced in designing and creating open-source programs. They can install OpenMRS for you within two weeks, or even faster. You will be provided with a system ready to use, and configured for your individual needs. Due to that reason, if you value yours and your patients’ time, collaborating with a cloud hosting provider is the best solution for you.

What if any bugs occur in my EMR system?

A common problem of EMR users is that even if they have their system implemented, there are often bugs and errors that occur along the way. What can you do in such a situation?

OpenMRS is not only an open-source system, but also a big and versatile community, with a forum full of active users that can help you, whenever a problem arises. There are many developers in this community that are continuously overwatching the correctness and quality of the code. That is why we recommend this particular EMR system, as it is the best one to choose. 

However, even though all of the resources and community’s help are available online, searching for solutions on a forum and testing many possible ways to deal with the problem, until you find the right one, takes a lot of time and effort.

If you would rather have the problem fixed quickly and by professionals, EMRSCloud will satisfy your needs. We provide our clients with support even after the implementation. Our specialists are experienced with OpenMRS, and are actively involved in creating it. Therefore, they know this system inside out, and are able to solve many problems straight off the bat. They are also in constant contact with other OpenMRS’ developers, and can always reach out to them for help, in order to fix the problem as fast as possible.

EMRSCloud cares about client’s experiences with OpenMRS. That is why we guarantee to answer your messages and complaints within 48h, and work on fixing the issues as soon as possible. Our mission is to provide you with the best EMR experience not only during implementation, but also for the whole period of our collaboration.

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If you are interested in implementing EMR through a cloud hosting service, EMRSCloud is a great solution. It offers a stable and safe server in a cloud with big data storage. It also provides professional help with implementation and configuration, as well as maintenance. 

EMRSCloud values your time. We respond to messages, questions and complaints within 48h. We can also implement your OpenMRS on our server in less than two weeks. Our experienced developers will adjust the system to your needs and help you choose the best modules for your facility. They will also keep an eye on your EMR, and quickly find a solution, should any bug appear. We want to make your work with EMR as easy, convenient and efficient, as possible, and we are fully committed to share OpenMRS with people who may need it. 

For more details, we invite you to visit the EMRSCloud website.

You can also learn more information from our guide: How To Install OpenMRS Easily? Welcome To EMRSCloud!

Technology comes up with smart solutions to many problems, and we wish to connect these solutions with the people who need them. We hope that our mission will be successful and EMRSCloud will help as many patients and healthcare workers as possible.

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