Atlassian Team ’22: Modern Solutions for Service Management


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Atlassian Team ‘22 is an event created by Atlassian and dedicated to empowering various teams across the globe, by sharing their experiences, exchanging their knowledge and inspiring each other. It is an outstanding opportunity to learn the latest news from the world of best teamwork practices and get to know modern tools that empower the projects managed by all kinds of teams.

This year the main event took place in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, SolDevelo Foundation did not have a chance to travel there and meet all of the participants in person. Thanks to the online streaming option, we could still take part in this inspiring event and listen to some great stories from the world’s best specialists.

In case you have missed them, we provide short overviews of our few favorite speeches. We have already covered the topic of new tools and features for remote teams here. Today we would like to discuss Jira Service Management.

Atlassian ITSM: Come together right now

Speakers: Scott Farquar, Co-Founder and Co-CEO & Amita Abraham, Head of Product Marketing, IT Teams & Sherif Mansour, Distinguished Product Manager

“Legendary service management provides great success.” 

That is the motto that guided the Atlassian team in the process of improving Jira. The message is clear. The key to success lies in management. To illustrate this, Scott Farquar, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Atlassian, used the example of one of the most famous bands in music’s history – The Beatles. Their success was the result of not only talent, but, above all, great management that had turned them from a small rock and roll band, similar to many others from this time, into an international sensation that has changed the music industry forever.

And while maybe not every team can become as famous as The Beatles, Atlassian’s aim is to provide clients with best solutions when it comes to management. A tool to meet this aspiration is Jira Service Management. It helps over 40 thousands clients around the world. Among the success stories there are companies such as Ginkgo Bioworks and Saint-Gobain.

Modern Business Operations

Amita Abraham, the Head of Product Marketing in IT Teams, Atlassian, discussed the topic of modern business operations. She started by stating that everything in business evolves. Without evolution there is no growth. To be a part of this growth, products must evolve as well, and keep on meeting the expectations of clients.

There are two main operational challenges that often appear and cause problems in many teams’ work: complex infrastructure and aggressive timelines.

There is also the quest for communication and transparency between developers and IT Ops. The common issues in this area come from the fact that developers, in order to make any changes, need to have agreement from IT Ops, who are guarding the business stability of the project.

In order to make this process of information exchange more smooth and efficient, Atlassian introduced new features to Jira Service Management.


From now on every step of the developers team can be automatically saved and easily accessed by IT Ops for review. Having all of the data and all of the progress displayed in one place makes the exchange of information much faster and more organized. Developers can focus on their tasks, not having to worry about reporting it to IT Ops, as they are able to see everything by themselves. If something goes wrong, the problem can be quickly solved, because it is clear and transparent who is responsible for which part of the project.

Such a solution gives more power and confidence to the developers, who now can fully commit to their tasks, and be sure that if they ever make a step which is inexpedient, they will be informed about it as soon as possible.

Varied risk

There are three different levels of risk that can be now assigned to each incident: approved, soak and high risk. Such variety makes it easier to manage the issues and prioritize them, in order to increase efficiency and transparency.

Incident alerts

Among the upgrades included in Jira Service Management there is also a new feature that allows users to set alerts whenever a bug appears. Being notified in real-time helps in quick action aimed at solving problems.

Atlassian Analytics

A great new feature for even more insightful management is Atlassian Analytics, a database full of charts and graphs, clear and helpful overviews, reports, summaries and more, all gathered in one place, allowing users to have a complex base of knowledge about the team’s work and its outcome.

Modern IT Support

Along with modern operation, there is a need for modern support. The topic was explored by Sherif Mansour, the Distinguished Product Manager, Atlassian. 

Problems and questions are a natural and important part of every project. Solving issues helps us grow and develop both our skills and our tools. For that reason, Atlassian worked on new methods of support that would be helpful to different types of teams and users. Jira Service Management offers over 300 templates that are easy to customize, as well as low-code and no-code solutions for wider accessibility. There are also new, exciting features that will make project management much easier!

Knowledge base

A built-in space where users can post their questions and ask for solutions from others. Sharing knowledge between fellow users is one of the best ways to exchange experiences and find out how others deal with the same issues that you struggle with.

Conversational ticketing

In order to keep everything clear and transparent, from now on each consultation with an assistant will be saved in the form of a Jira ticket. It will help all of the team members to stay on track and be aware of what is happening. Moreover, all of the bugs and issues will be saved, making the history of the project more comprehensive, integral and up-to-date.

Atlassian and Percept.AI

This exciting collaboration will take the support on the next level. Users will be provided with access to a smart virtual assistant that will be helping in solving problems by searching through a database. Only if the bot does not find an answer to a question, will it contact a human assistant. 

Such a solution saves the time of both user and assistant, because there will be no need to explain the problem again from the start. The assistant will have access to the history of the issue previously consulted with the bot, and will pick the problem up from there. Additionally, assistants will have more time on solving more complex issues, because the simpler ones will be handled by the bot.

Unified help

Sometimes the same problems occur in different applications. Why waste your time on searching for the solution when it might have already been discovered somewhere else? Guided by this thought, the Atlassian team came up with a new initiative called “Unified help”. It connects resources from different applications and enables the user to search through this database to find answers. Such a solution increases accessibility to useful, integrated information for every user.

Find out more about Jira Service Management here.

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