We took the Pledge 1% – and so can you!


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In order to share and celebrate the great potential of the Pledge 1% initiative, for the past couple of weeks we have been writing articles on the topic. To get more familiar with the idea of Pledge 1%, we recommend reading Pledge 1% – The Power Of Sharing. For a collection of inspiring case studies from the community members, head to One Percent Of Kindness: Pledge 1% Success Stories

Today we would like to shed some light on our own project that aligns with the Pledge 1% philosophy and is our form of bringing these ideals to life. We hope that it will inspire you on your own journey of sharing!

A few words on Pledge 1%

pledge 1%

For those who are new to the concept – let’s quickly summarize what this is all about. Pledge 1% is an initiative founded by Salesforce, Atlassian, and Rally. Its purpose is to encourage companies and organizations to share 1% of what they have to offer, and support the cause that they believe in. This project is built on the idea that if we combine the small input of many institutions, we can create a big wave of positive change. 

You can choose from the various types of pledges. It aligns with the idea that there is no one proper way of helping others – you can adjust your pledge to the capabilities of your organization. The main categories are:

  • Pledge 1% of Equity;
  • Pledge 1% of Employee Time;
  • Pledge 1% of Product;
  • Pledge 1% of Profit.

There is no limit to the number of different pledges that you can take. Remember that each and every tiny bit of help is welcomed and appreciated. If you run a small business and have no financial resources to share, you can always pledge your time! Using yours and your employees skills to help someone who might need it is a great way to participate in the Pledge 1% movement. 

Our 1%

In our previous articles we have mentioned how SolDevelo Foundation participates in the Pledge 1% project. We have been using our 1% of Time for a few years now, helping open sources such as OpenMRS, openIMIS and OpenBoxes. 

Only recently have we started a new service that became a part of the Pledge 1% movement, as our 1% of Product. It is called EMRSCloud and it offers cloud hosting of OpenMRS. Let’s take a closer look at why we believe this project can help many people around the world.

The quiet power of OpenMRS


When we are thinking about ways of helping healthcare facilities in developing countries, our first thoughts are, of course, things such as medical equipment, supplies, vaccines, experienced medical staff, etc. These elements of healthcare systems are undoubtedly crucial for any facility to function and be able to help local people. 

However, there are also other things that can assist medical workers in their everyday struggles and make their efforts more effective. One of these things is a high-quality, multifunctional electronic medical record system, such as OpenMRS.

OpenMRS is an open-source software that supports medical facilities by providing them with an electronic platform where all of the patients’ records can be stored. Resigning from paper records and focusing on the digital ones can greatly improve the quality of care provided to the patients. 

It saves the time that otherwise would be spent on searching through the endless piles of papers. Moreover, it gives physicians easy and quick access to any information on the patient that might be needed at the moment. If the medical records are gathered in one place and simple to browse through, it often affects the quality of diagnosis, helping doctors to see the bigger picture and focus on what is the most important. 

OpenMRS can also be of great help to medical workers dealing with some kind of visual data, such as X-ray images. Having the images saved in the system, physicians no longer need to worry about patients losing their scans or forgetting to bring them to their appointment. Everything is accessible digitally, making the whole process smoother.

Overally, OpenMRS can improve the capabilities of a hospital or a clinic, provide more patients with access to high-quality care, lighten medical workers duties, and protect medical data from various hazards that might occur and destroy paper records (e.g. fire, flood, earthquake).

Find out more information on the benefits of using OpenMRS here.

EMRSCloud: Connecting people with solutions

emrscloud openmrs

We believe that OpenMRS should be available to as many people and facilities as possible. To make that ideal come to reality, we have created EMRSCloud – a service that offers cloud hosting and implementation support for OpenMRS’ users. 

We are aware of the fact that in many cases healthcare facilities in developing countries have no resources to implement OpenMRS by themselves. Self-implementation requires space, financial resources and skills. Not everyone can afford these things. To solve this problem, we have decided to use our own skills and resources, and provide people with this software that can save many lives.

EMRSCloud offers the following services:

  • Cloud server for hosting OpenMRS;
  • Assistance in the process of selecting OpenMRS modules adjusted to the client’s needs;
  • Configuration of the server and installation of OpenMRS, so that it is ready to use;
  • Regular maintenance of the server and technical support even after the implementation is completed;
  • Sensitive data protection.

Pledge 1% of Product

We are aware that some healthcare facilities can not afford our service. To create an opportunity for them to use EMRSCloud, we offer discounts for those who need it. We believe in an individualistic approach and try to increase accessibility of modern solutions, especially for facilities in developing countries. That is how our Pledge 1% of Product is realized.

We took the Pledge 1% – and so can you!

Now that we have described our story, it is time for you! How can you and your organization take part in the Pledge 1% movement? Do you prefer pledging equity, time, product or profit? Or maybe you would like to combine many types of pledge? Whichever option you choose, it will be greatly appreciated and warmly welcomed in the Pledge 1% community.

So do not hesitate and Pledge Now!

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